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I need to reduce my VOC emissions

VOCS are Volatile Organic Compounds, they can affect the environment and people's health. For this reason the aim is to keep them at a minimum.

For machinery manufacturers who paint their components there are many ways to go about reducing your VOCS.

One of the quickest and easiest changes that you can make is to switch to "ready for use" coatings. These are coatings that do not require any additional thinning. Not adding thinners into your paint products can reduce your solvent usage quite significantly. There are many ready for use paint products on the market that are being used by large manchinery manufacturers. An example of this would be Beckers K5 primer. This is a ready for use high solids epoxy primer. Switching to this primer from your general use medium solids primer can give you up to a 50% reduction in your primer VOCS.

Be aware of the grams per litre of VOCS in the paint that you are using. Ideally for your topcoat you should be aiming to keep at 420grams of Volative Organic Compound per litre or below this. Take into account that if your topcoat is not ready for use and you thin it with, for example 22% solvent, then you have increased from 420g/litre to 495g/litre. Both Tikkurila and Beckers topcoats are known for low grams per litre of VOCS.

High build coatings have more volume solids and less solvent in the can. Check your paint data sheet and see what volume solids is in your primer and topcoat. Some primers have as low as 40% solids. This means that thinners/solvent makes up the other 60% of the content in the can. This will add heavily to a company’s emissions. In addition to this many primers will require further thinning and this will push up the solvent usage even higher. If you do need to drive down your VOCS I would recommend high build primers. A good example of this is Beckers K5 two-pack epoxy primer - it has 84% solids by weight and is ready for use, i.e. no thinners needed.

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