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Glossary of Paint Terms: Abrasive Resistance to Barrier Coat

Abrasive Resistance
The ability of a coating to resist degradation due to mechanical wear.

Accelerated Weathering
A test designed to simulate but at the same time intensify and accelerate the destructive action of natural outdoor weathering.

A substance used in small proportions to increase the speed of a chemical reaction. Accelerators are often used in the paint industry to hasten the curing of a coating system.

Acrylic Resin
A clear resin attained by polymerising various acrylic monomers either alone or in combination. Acrylics are generally single pack products. 

The curing agent of a two component coating system - "two-pack paint". Often referred to as a hardener. 

The degree of attachment between a paint film and the underlying material to which it is in contact (the substrate). 

Process of attraction or attachment to a surface. The retention of foreign molecules on the surface of a substance. 

Air Cap / Air Nozzle
Perforated housing for directing the atomizing air at the head of an air spray gun.

Air Drying
The most common form of curing a coating in which drying takes place by oxidation or solvent evaporation by simple exposure to air without heat or a catalyst.

Air Entrapment 
The inclusion of air bubbles in the liquid paint or a paint film.

Airless Spray
A spraying system in which paint is atomized using high hydraulic pressure rather than compressed air.

A group of solvents of relatively high evaporation rate but with fairly low solvent strength. Methanol, ethanol and isopropyl are common alcohols used in paint manufacturing. 

Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
A class of organic solvents which are composed of open chains of carbon atoms. Aliphatics are relatively weak solvents. Mineral spirits and VM & P Naphtha are examples of aliphatic solvents.

An aqueous liquid which has a PH value of between 7 and 14. A base or caustic material.

Alkyd Resin
Resins prepared by reacting alcohols and fatty acids. Widely used in general purpose coatings.

Surface imperfections of a coating film having the wrinkled appearance of alligator skin.

Ambient Temperature
Room temperature or the existing temperature of the surroundings.

Materials often used as curing agents for epoxy coatings. 

Anchor Pattern
The surface profile generated by abrasive blasting or some power tool cleaning. The distance between peaks and valleys of the blast profile. 

The positive terminal of an electrical source. In a corrosion cell, the anode is the electrode that has the greater tendency to go into solution at the point at which corrosion occurs. 

Aromatic Hydrocarbons
A class of relatively strong organic solvents which contain an unsaturated ring of carbon atoms. Examples are benzene, toluene and xylene.

This is a standard for salt spray testing. ASTM stands for the American Society of Testing and Materials, and "B117" is their well regarded reference document for salt spray practitioners. It is widely adopted internationally with the provisions of their standard being frequently re-written into national standards of other countries. It also appears in industry specific corrosion test standards. B117 contains many helpful tips and hints on salt spray testing. Basically it is a salt fog spray reference guide with recommendation such as "atomized 5% sodium chloride solution at 95F".

ASTM D 4258 - 83
This is a practive standard for surface cleaning of concrete in preparation for coating. 

Barrier Coat
A barrier coat is a coating used to isolate a paint system either from the surface to which it is being applied or a previous coating for the purpose of increasing adhesion or insuring compatibility. 


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