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Glossary of Paint Terms: Brushability to Chalking

Brushability refers to the ease of applying a coating by brush application.

This is a temporary or permanent film defect in which bubbles of air or solvent vapor are present in the applied film. 

Build, or Film Build, refers to the wet or dry thickness of a coating film. You can measure the wet film thickness (W.F.T.) of your paint as you are applying it by using a wet film thicnkess guage (WFT comb). You can measure the dry film thicnkess (D.F.T.) of the aplied coating using an electronic film thickness guage .

A catalyst is an accelerator, activator or curing agent which chemically increases the rate of reaction in a coating. 

A cathode is the negative terminal of an electrolytic cell which, in the corrosion process, is protectde and not attacked. 

Cathodic Protection
Cathodic protection involves the reduction or prevention of corrosion of a metal surface caused by making it cathodic. This is accomplished by using a sacrifical anode (such as in zinc coatings or galvanising) or by using impressed current. 

Caustic is a stong base or alkaline material

Caustic Soda
Caustic Soda is a common name for sodium hydroxide, a strong base or alkali.

Cellosolve is a proprietary name for ethylene glycol monoethyl ether. It is a slow evaporating, water miscible, relatively strong solvent often used in epoxy coatings.

A poise is a unit that is used to measure viscosity. A centipoise is one hundreth of a poise. Water, at room temperature, has a viscosity of 1.0 Centipoise. 

This is the formation of a powdery coating on the surface of a paint film, generally caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation resulting in a loss of gloss. Chalking will commonly happen to epoxy coatings that are exposed to ultra violet light. For this reason OEM companies would generally topcoat their epoxy primers with Polyurethane topcoats which have good UV stability. 

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