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Glossary of Paint Terms: Chipping to Cohesion

The term chipping refers to small pieces of paint being removed from the surface, which is a sign of physical damage to the coating system, generally incurred during shipping and handling. The usual remedy is use of a surface tolerant primer for touch up followed by the same finish coat. 

Chlorinated Hydrocarbon
This is a class of strong, fast evaporating, nonflammable solvents such as carbon tetrachloride, methylene chloride or trichloroethylene. 

Chlorinated Rubber
Chlorinated Rubbers are coating resins formed by the reastion of rubber with chlorine gas. They are often used for their chemical or water resistant properties.

This is a broad term that refers to detergent, alkali, acid or similar contamination removing material, which is usually water borne.

Coal Tar
Coal Tar is a dark brown to black bituminous material produced by the destructive distillation of coal. 

Coal Tar Epoxy
Coal Tar Epoxy is a coating in which the binder or vehicle is a combination of coal tar and epoxy resins.

In basic terms Coalescence is the process by which particles merge during contact, to form a single particle. In technical terms, coalescence is the formation of resinous or polymeric material when water evaporates from an emulsion or a latex system, permitting contact and fusion of adjacent particles; fusing or flowing toghether of liquid particles. 

Coating System
A coating system is a completed paint job which involves a number of coats of paint being applied seperately, in a predetermined order, at suitable intervals to allow for drying and curing. 

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