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HomepageFaq › Glossary of Paint Terms: Cold Rolled Steel to Cross Spraying

Glossary of Paint Terms: Cold Rolled Steel to Cross Spraying

Cold Rolled Steel
This is a low carbon, cold-reduced, sheet steel. It differs from hot rolled steel by the absence of mill scale. 

Colour Fast

Colour Retention
The ability of a paint system to retain its original colour during weathering or chemical exposure.

Combustible Liquid
This is any liquid that has a flash point at or above 100 degress Fahrenheit (37.8 degress celcius).

In paint terms, compatibility is the ability of the paint to mix with or adhere properly to other coatings without detriment.

Conical Mandrel
This is an instrument used to evaluate a coating's resistance to cracking when bent over a specified radius.

These are large molecules obtained by simultaneous polymerization of different monomers, as in vinyl copolymers.

This is the decay, oxidation or deterioration of a substance (steel, concrete, and other) due to interacting with the environment. Rust is the corrosion product that will form on steel that is exposed to the elements.

Cracking is the splitting of a paint film usually as a result of aging. 

This is the formation of small bowl shaped depressions in paint films.

Cross Spraying
Cross spraying involves spraying the first pass in one direction and the second at a right angle to the first. Cross spraying provided a more even film distribution.


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