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Some of the equipment manufacturers that Advanced Coatings supplies:

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We would advise all of our OEM and ACE customers to set up procedures in-house whereby they can test and record the performance of their paint system. Most of these in-house tests can be carried out quickily and to very little cost.

For example: 

Adhesion testing

An adhesion test is a simple procedure to carry out and the equipment needed is cheap and readily available. 

  1. Prepare and keep a weekly paint panel (see picture 1.)
  2. Using a cross cut blade cut 6 lines diagonally and horizontally into your paint panel. Your adhesion rating is given based on the level of detachment of the 36 squares that were cut out in the coating. 
  3. Contact us for further information on the desired results of a cross-cut adhesion test. No detachment whatsoever is an excellent result – as seen on the Keenans tests panel (picture 2.). Picture 3 shows is magnified look at the cross sections cut into the paint back to the bare steel. Adhesion on the panel is perfect. 
Keenans adhesion results were at the highest ISO level with little to no delamination in the cross-cut area. 

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