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Water Based Coatings


Tikkurila supply internationally recognised water based coatings that are suitable for the most demanding of environments (C5). A nice reference for this is a contract that Tikkruila won in 2011 for the supply of water-bourne coatings to an offshore platform in the Caspian Sea. This contract was carried out by Apply Emtunga AB who are a leading supplier of modular facilities (living quarters etc) in structural steel that are supplied into the oil and gas industry (in this case in an offshore platform).
Increasing water based products are being required for large scale international painting contracts. Often these systems can be required to be fully or partially water-borne. Structures that are immersed in the earth or salt water have often even greater requirements: solvent-free or high-solids systems.
Tikkurila has extensive experience in supplying paints and coatings for demanding painting projects, in this case a hybrid water-borne system with a total dry-film thickness of 280 μm. The system fulfils the requirements of NORSOK, the toughest test in the industry, and the requirements of the standard ISO 20340 (Paints and varnishes – Performance requirements for protective paint systems for offshore and related structures).

Lennart Björk, the Sales Manager with Tikkurila AB (Sweden) explains, "there are much bigger companies than Tikkurila operating in this sector, but thanks to our strong track record, we are supplying paints for the living quarters module which Apply Emtunga will deliver for  installation on an offshore platform in the Caspian Sea“.

 The painting work was carried out indoors with high-pressure equipment except for the topcoat, which was sprayed with an airmix pistol. After applying a layer of paint, the item was allowed to air-dry, so it took two days to paint each item.


The module sections were coated in Sweden and then transported by boat through the Russian canal system to the shipyard by the Caspian Sea, where they were then installed on the platform.

Other examples of Tikkurila Water-bourne paints in demanding environments:

ABB transformers in Qatar

The world's largest offshore wind farm (owned by Nord E.ON) with a total of 80 windmills, which will be connected to the German power grid. ABB produced all the transformers located in the middle of the North Sea with the world's toughest operating conditions. 

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