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Some of the equipment manufacturers that Advanced Coatings supplies:

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Advanced Coatings have been supplying Keenans with high quality paint systems since 1994. 

Keenans are one of the world’s leading feed technology companies, manufacturing innovative diet feeders for the global market. Keenan’s Mech-fiber® feeder gives 10% improvement in feed efficiency over just one year. Have a look at the Keenans website (link above) for further information and vidoes on their products. 

Keenans use an exceptionally high qualtiy paint system on their machinery. They use a high-solids anti-corrosion primer that can stand up to even the harshest of environemnts (as their machinery is shipped to all corners of the earth) and they also apply a very high quality two pack polyurethane topcoat, ensuring that they get opptimum protection from the elements, chemical attack, abrasion, etc. 
Check out the excellent results that Keenans are getting with their paint system here.
For further information on the the Industrial high-solids coatings that Keenans use contact Advanced Coatings at


Click here for a video of a Keenan Feeder Wagon chopping fodder beet



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