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Some of the equipment manufacturers that Advanced Coatings supplies:

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Samco Agricultural

Samco's Maize Planter was first invented in Ireland in 1996. Today the machine is sold in many European countries as well as Canada and New Zealand. With innovative design principles and quality parts the Samco Machine has proven its ability to work all over the world in a variety of climatic conditions. 

Samco manufactures and supplies the Samco 3-in-1 machines and a range of degradable mulch films to customers growing Forage Maize, Ground Ear Maize, Grain Maize and Sweet Corn. There are 3 machine sizes available: 6 Row, 4 Row, and 2 Row.
The Samco System was developed to provide dairy farmers in Ireland a more reliable way of cultivating forage maize. A thin layer of biodegradable plastic film is placed over the soil at the time of sowing, this provides extra heat during the first few weeks of growth. The thin plastic film creates a microclimate for the maize seeds as they germinate and grow. This microclimate increases the crop’s ability to survive during periods of cold temperatures and frost compared to that of crops sown in the open. Independent research has demonstrated that The Samco System provides the potential for significant yield increases and/or earlier harvest dates in the maize crop. 
A high specification paint system is used on the full range of Samco machines. Samco chose a specifialist primer that has extra high anti-corrosive properties coupled with increased adhesion results so that the level of adhesion on even the more tricky parts (laser cut edges, etc.) meets the international standards (ISO). Contact Advanced Coatings for further information on our specialist primers for the OEM market. 
For more information on Samco's machinery and their revolutionary degrasable mulch films contact them at
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